Largest & Fastest Growing
Market Segment in the U.S. 

Population over 65 growing 75% from 40 million today to 70 million in 2030

  1. The Leading Edge – We are the only national ramp program for ramp rentals.

  2. Low Competition – Amramp's franchise is a unique niche market within 3,000 franchise opportunities.

  3. Largest Growth Industry – Home Health Care is growing. There are 16.3 million people who are non-ambulatory in the U.S. As this industry grows, there will be more of a demand for our product.

  4. 43% Customer Closing Rate – Our 800 number qualifies your leads through our call center. We do the complicated work for you. 

  5. High Profit Rental Market – Our ramps are highly durable and low maintenance. This allows the franchisee the ability to rent and resell used ramps for substantial profit.

  6. Market Support – We provide you with complete marketing support via direct mail, territory research and more