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Amramp ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Freshwater of our Baton Rouge location challenged Amramp HQ and specifically Conor Sweeney, Patrick Arnold and Taly Andino to accept the Ice Bucket Challenge supporting ALS.

We accepted the challenge and Conor, Patrick, Taly and a bunch of our headquarters employees in South Boston participated in the ice bucket dunk.

Amramp President and Founder, Julian Gordon extended the challenge to our other franchise partners and their sales and installation teams as well.


John Wright, Amramp Cleveland

John Wright, our franchise partner in North Olmstead, OH is involved in his community through a company known as The Dancing Wheels Company.

He discovered The Dancing Wheels Company while the group was performing at MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland seven years ago. Dancing Wheels is a modern dance company comprised of dancers with and without disabilities.

Dancing Wheels has touched over 4.5 million people through its main stage performances, school assemblies, residencies and workshops. Amramp is happy to help the organization continue to execute its mission.

“We are excited to continue working with Dancing Wheels, help promote their events and enable them to perform around the country,” said Wright. “Dancing shouldn’t be limited to one type of person. In addition to providing Amramp services, I think it’s important to stay involved with my community.”

Through John’s local Amramp franchise efforts he has sponsored several of the Company’s events – providing ramps, donations and promotional efforts. In addition, other local Amramp franchises have also sponsored Dancing Wheels’ events around the country and Amramp headquarters made donations to support the Company’s traveling and touring costs for two performances.

Excerpt – Amramp helps Dancing Wheels travel the world 
K.Lepore, Akron Beacon Journal/


Bill Grove, Amramp Richmond, Virginia

Bill Grove, our franchise partner in Richmond, VA is involved in a community program called R.A.M.P.S. (Ramp Accessibility Made Possible by Students).

R.A.M.P.S. works in conjunction with Elder Homes, a local non-profit organization, where students of the Collegiate School founded R.A.M.P.S. provide wheelchair ramps to people who cannot afford them. Through grants and fundraising efforts, R.A.M.P.S. raises money to purchase ramps at a discounted price from Amramp. Bill serves as a technical advisor and oversees the installations.

The most recent R.A.M.P.S. project was done by students of St. Catherine’s. Eight students worked to install a ramp for a local 29-year old man who uses a wheelchair.

“It would have been a real challenge for this program to exist if wooden ramps were the only option,” said Grove. “Building a wooden ramp requires construction expertise; it would be dangerous to have students with no experience out there with hammers and saws. With our ramps, the students can easily put them together and they can also be reused down the road.”

Excerpt – Amramp provides the best solution in a low-cost, modular ramp system 
Nancy Carey, Richmond Disability Examiner