Amramp Six-Step Franchise Award Process

All steps should occur within 2 weeks for a total of a 12 week process.


Step One:

The first step in the Amramp award process is to check out our website and fill out an application. The website has all the basic information about the essence of the franchise partnership. Once we receive the application from our website, we will call you to discuss the Amramp franchise opportunity and your background. This call takes approximately half an hour. 


Step Two:

Step two of the Amramp award process centers around our collateral package. The package includes:

  • Letter from the President & Founder of Amramp

  • Amramp Six Step Franchise Award Process

  • The list of 34 (Target Markets)

  • Amramp franchise partner support program

  • Excerpt from the "Franchise King"

  • Selection of our ramp pictures 

  • Territory map and population

Please call after you have read the materials.


Step Three:

The third step of the Amramp award process is some due diligence. We ask that you "role-play" with our list of target markets to determine the need for ramps in your area. Also, you should drive around and investigate the topography and architecture of your area to determine the necessity for ramps. Once this is done, we will go over your findings via phone. 


Step Four:

Step four of the Amramp award process is the receipt of our franchise disclosure document (FDD). You will receive our FDD either via UPS or electronically. We ask that you go through the FDD thoroughly, notating anything you have a question on. We will discuss these questions in a phone call, which varies in length dependent upon your questions.


Step Five:

This step includes an opportunity to meet our Founder in person with your spouse or business partner. After this meeting if all parties are in favor of moving forward, then you will receive a contact list of current Amramp franchise partners.

The contact list will be franchise partners whose territory is both similar in size and topography to your area and also who have similar backgrounds to yours. By this time, you will know enough about Amramp to ask the most important questions of our franchise partners. 


Step Six:

Step six of the Amramp award process is to visit our corporate office in South Boston, MA. We call this a "Discovery Day" and you will meet with all departments and see where the ramps are made. 

After all these steps are completed, and if we both feel Amramp is the right fit for you, we will prepare a franchise agreement and schedule five days of comprehensive training at the corporate office. 

This process should take 6-12 weeks, during which time you will gather facts and confidence that Amramp is a career choice that's right for you. 

Also during this period, we (Amramp) will learn about you and your potential to succeed at your new Amramp business. We do not rush this process. It's not about signing you up and collecting a fee. The real long term benefit to both you and Amramp results from you being successful at the business. 

We have gone through this selection process many times and have learned what personal traits and abilities are necessary for you to be successful in our business. Once you and Amramp are confident that you are the right partner, we will proceed together.