Franchise Partner Testimonials:

"It was about a year ago next week when I visited Boston. My transition to my new career has been everything I wanted and more. I am so grateful to you for building Amramp and letting me be a partner. God bless you and your family." 

Thank you. 
Greg Lazzaroni
Amramp Maryland & Northern VA/DC


"I had looked for the right franchise opportunity for about 3 years and chose Amramp for several reasons. First, I was looking for a unique opportunity in a growth field; I am not one who likes to follow the crowd or do what everyone else is doing. I think Amramp has a great concept and product in a field that will continue to grow.

Another thing I was looking for was a tangible product that is in demand. Although not everyone may need a handicap ramp, when you do need one Amramp's quick response and rental or purchase programs set the standard in the industry.

Finally, I was looking for a product that at the end of the day, you can be proud and feel good about. Helping those in need and seeing the gratitude and relief on the faces of these people is priceless."

Bill & Barbara Grove
Amramp Richmond, Virgina


"Amramp has provided me the freedom of operating and managing my own business; they have also provided me structure and guidance as needed. In my few months as an Amramp franchisee, I have been pleased beyond my expectations. The management team from senior management to administration is very knowledgeable and helpful. I wanted a business where working hard reaps rewards and I believe this is where it is going to happen."

David Hoglund
Amramp Northeast PA & Central NJ


"I've seen first-hand the look of relief and joy on the faces of wheelchair-bound people who are able to move more freely simply because a ramp has been installed,” said Charles Brown, president, Amramp Austin. “Whether it’s installing a ramp for temporary use during recuperation from surgery or modifying a home so an elderly relative can live independently, ramps are becoming more and more relevant to our aging population."

Anna Brown
Amramp Austin, TX


"When I started my search for a new business, I had a wish list. I wanted to find a product that I really believed in, had a targeted niche market, could work more as a distributor than retail, and if at all possible could work from my home and make my own hours. I probably would have settled for one or two features from my list. But not only did I find all of this - but you've created a product that could actually make people's lives better! What an incredible heart-warming bonus!"

Best Regards, 
Wendy Gold
Amramp Southern New Jersey